1. If I am a tenant, can I publish the property I am renting? If so, do I need the landlord's permission?

You can publish the property you are renting and invite the owner to join the platform.

2. How can I be listed as a tenant of a property?

Search for the property by the landlord's address or e-mail address and become a tenant.

3. How can I verify that I am the owner of a property?

In the event of a dispute over the ownership of a property, we will request proof of ownership in the form of a receipt, deeds or contract.

4. If the property is fully rented, does it remain published?

Yes, but you can always hide it from the home settings.

5. If a tenant stops living in my rented home, what do I have to do?

From your user account you can access the management of the property and delete that tenant.

6. How many houses can I own on HousesDNA?

There is no limit, the first home is free of charge and from the second home onwards there is a cost.

7. Can the same ticket involve several persons?

Yes, the ticket can be addressed to several persons, including all tenants.

8. What happens if I disagree with a ticket assigned to me?

You can reply to the ticket with your comments. If you think it was a mistake you can report it.

9. Do the tickets have an expiry date?

No, tickets do not expire.

10. Are the tickets between the landlord and his tenants public or private?

Tickets are public.

11. What if I don't want my profile to be public?

You can make it private in the profile settings.