The first platform that connects landlords and tenants

The peace of mind of knowing that the rental of your home is in good hands

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Manage incidents

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, manage the HousesDNA tickets and repair incidents.

Check reviews

Check the ratings your landlord has if you are looking to rent or your tenant if you want to rent your home.

Rate homes

Rating system for properties: find out how previous tenants rate your property before you decide to rent it.

Get to know your tenant or landlord before you start the relationship

  • If you are a landlord, you will know what the person who is going to rent your house is like
  • If you are a tenant, you will get to know who is renting you their home
  • Your experience will help future tenants and landlords
  • The communication between landlord and tenant will be direct and constant
  • The tenant will be able to register any incidents
  • The management of tickets will allow you to know the status of them
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How it works?

If you are a landlord

1- Register in HousesDNA to verify that your profile is real

2- Decide if you want your profile to be public to interact with other people

3- Add the property or properties that you are going to rent with all their characteristics

4- Search for a person to find out their ratings

5- Check your ratings as a landlord or those of your properties

6- Generate tickets to manage incidents, know their status and close them when they have been solved

The most complete tool for managing the rental of your home

  • Lists the main characteristics of the house
  • Simplifies the rental decision
  • Guides landlords and tenants before renting
  • Manages incidents with its ticketing system
  • Controls the state of the property
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Ticket system

All the incidents are registered

HousesDNA offers you a ticket system to manage the incidents that arise in the property, so that there are no misunderstandings or forgetfulness.

Tenants and landlords can reflect in the platform any event in the property, creating tickets that will be closed once the problem is solved

Issue a ticket


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Tickets Unlimited
Ratings Yes


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Number of properties 2 or more
Tickets Unlimited
Ratings Yes


/month each additional property (54€/year)



/year each additional property (you save 15€)
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